Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cameron Highlands

2009 school holiday was a bit lightI could say. We didnt go travel like previous year. Atuk masuk ICU and the school holidays was all about jaga atuk-melawat atuk and such. On 30rd Dis,atuk had been discharged and it give us a bit relief sebab barang2 keperluan sekolah adik wasnt prepared yet. That night, I proposed to my daddy about having a picnic at anywhere,just to spend a quality time together. To make it short,everyone was agree nak picnic at Lata Iskandar,30mins from Cameron Highlands. 3 of the main missionwas:

1) Picnic at Lata Iskandar
2) Angah's treat at Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe
3) Eat and buat stok banyak2 ais krim Malaysia perasa strawberry
4) Jalan-jalan at Pasar Malam CH

Lata Iskandar is located in the middle of the way from Tapah to Cameron Highlands. Most of the tourist who went there didnt know the existing of the beautiful waterfall.So they will usually not prepared with baju mandi and such as. So if you're planning to go there, bring along your baju mandi! Since it is located up on the hill and its nearer to the CH, the water is so cool. Im not sure about its temperature. For a Nature's lover like me and daddy, the dizziness of driving is all gone when we touch the water.Tenang tau!

Next stop is the Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe. The food is superb and recommended sgt2.You should try lah! Next to the cafe, there is a shop that sells strawberry products. From tea to coffea, chocolate and dried strawberry jugak.

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  1. suke2..akk nk g sana gak chinese new year..yeyeyeye!!hahaha~

    sis..hotel budget ade x kat cameron??
    ingat nk bermalam ar..n ingat nk amek pakej travel 4x4..hahahaha~

  2. lata iskandar sgt dah lama akak tak g CH..last skali ms form 2..isk2..dah bkurun.hahaha

  3. kak emil:sms je saye.heheh
    kak kdee:tp makin lama makin xsejuk kat sane:)

  4. sya! asek jalan2 jek...beshnye!!:')