Saturday, August 7, 2010

Do you remember the promise ?

Let us increase our levels of Taqwa to Allah following His Guidance and leaving all that He forbids.

I remember when I was in a primary school, a friend of mine said that before we were sent to the world, before we ever exist in our mummy's tummy, Allah asked all of us a question. At that time, we were actually discussing on, why my father gave me only 50 cent a day while the rest of friends got duit kertas, you know at least RM2.

Well thats, not the point of my story today. My friend then said, I chose to live that way. I was so blur and asked for a better explanation.

She said that, before I step into the world, Allah has asked, "Syahidah, do you agree to live in a family that give you 50 cent per day for pocket money to school?". And here I am in this world with 50 cent for pocket money. Thats all she said.

And I remember it so well, until today. We had that conversation in our school canteen during recess time. I even remember her name. Well again, thats not the point of my story. Later then, I asked my father about it. Do we really have been asked by Allah ?

The answer is yes, but the question that He asked is not about how much your pocket money. The question that He asked to everyone is just the same.

"Bukankah aku ini Tuhanmu?" ( Am I not your lord?)
"Betul engkau Tuhan kami, kami menjadi saksi." (Yes! We testify.)

And remember when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed and made them testify as to themselves saying : 'Am I not your lord?' They say : 'Yes! We testify.' Lest they say on the Day of Judgement : 'Verily, we have been unaware of this."

Before we were born, we made a promise. We promised that there were no other God, but Allah s.w.t. We were witnesses to Allah's Oneness.

Back to my child hood story, even though what have been told by my friend was incorrect, they are just a little kids but they do have the idea or the point there. There was a question/promise made between Allah and us.
Just sit back and think about it, have we keep the promise ? or have we broke the promise ?

Ah Ramadhan! Apakah kita akan bertemu ?