Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just love Kinokuniya!Tho im not buying the books, i really love to go to Kinokuniya.Whenever i enter the world of books at Kinokuniya, my heart cant stop singing, my lips smiling n my eyes blinking happily.Hahaha.Undescribable feeling!Kenape?

Cuz i love books thats for sure!Banyakkkkkkkk sangatn if i wana read any books i like, i can just pick one n have a seat.Sukeee.Tho i rarely manage to have a seat.I felt like wanna run n hop like a little kid n say how much i adore Kinokuniya.

But what makes it more special than anything else is because of the background music that accompany all the customers or even readers who come just to have a free reading there.Classy english music that make you smile.Lagu Mozart kot.huu..Above all, i SUKE Kinokuniya triple much!