Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dare to fail


Nobody wish for a failure future and no one ask for the hardness of life. They measure success by looking at the end output. Failure is a big NO. And there is no bright side when you meet the failure.You even think that its gonna be an end to everything. You fell down and did nothing. Poor you I must say!!

Let me bring you to a simple anology.

Anology 1
It is a bright sunny day.The sun spread its light to the entire earth after a week of rainy season. "What a good day", said you. Then after a while, the sky look so dark and suddenly its raining. "Oh no!Its rainning again..", sighed you.
You see, bright day often said to be as a "good weather" while rainfalls is a "bad weather".But did you realise that the combination of this two weather will give the entire world a colourful rainbows?

Now apply it in your daily life.How success and failure combination will produce a great end output? Its so simple isnt it?My main point here is, DARE TO FAIL.Thats the key of success.


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