Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fishing Trip To Pulau Aman

My latest vacation was at Pulau Aman. It is one of small islands that located around Penang. Pulau Aman is a small village with capacity around 300 villagers. There are numbers of chalet to rent range around MR70-RM200. There is room type, dorm type and even a house of the rooms to choose.

Well anyway, how to get there ? The jetty is located at Batu Kawan, near to Batu Kawan Stadium. The boat fare is RM6 for 2 ways. The only problem if you were on your first time to go there is you dont know who to contact. The information given (even if you google it) is not enough. I was lucky on the day I reached there, there was a boy name Rahim who help us to find a chalet. (His auntie is the owner.

So here we are, we rent a very 5 stars chalet with only RM120. More than 10 people can be in that big room :). The Chalet is located almost at the end of the villagers house and nearer to Telaga Mas, a historic telaga at Pulau Aman.

There are many chalets built by the villagers but this one will give you more privacy :) There is a mosque and some small shops if you wish to find something. Too bad that kedai makan closed at 9pm or earlier. We was late that day so we bought some mee maggie and that's our dinner.Too bad :( The last boat is at 7pm and we reached Pulau Aman less then 15 minutes journey.

We started our fishing activities that night from the chalet's balkoni.

ikan buntal yg menyebok

ikan duri

The next day, we went fishing at the new jetty and alhamdulillah, we managed to catch some fish :)

It was a short vacation yet a memorable one. Fishing is fun. It have been years i x fishing. I was like kekok at the first time but now boleh jadi pro baling joran. I would love to go fishing again :)
Kadang2 kene poyo dalam gambar.

Anyway, another speciality of Pulau Aman is the Restoren Terapung that serves Mee Udang yang udang ade 2 ekoq je. xcukup langsung. The taste is okay. Boleh laaaaa~~ :)

The views of Pulau Aman

The End :)


  1. hi u have the chalet's phone no. Appreciated ur prompt reply...

  2. persatuan nelayan 045307185
    ni chalet yg i duduk.
    tapi kan anna aritu i dtg redah je.
    ade chalet kampung2 jugak
    u dtg sane n decide pun oke.
    nak slesa yg persatuan nelayan ni punye