Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have I done good enough

I'll turn 23 this October.It has been almost a year since I left university, 11 months since my convocation, 6 months since my real first job at Exxonmobil. Its only less than a year since I walk into the 'so called a real world and a real life' phase but too much extraordinary things happened in my life. The walk of the journey has been filled with emotions that is unspeakable n decissions that is undecided. Sometimes I stop the walk and I looked behind and I asked myself, 'Have I done good enough?'.

I take my hands off from the keyboard and looked away from the monitor. Behind that big glossy glass in front of me is an usuall view of KL from 10th floor. I saw clouds and sky so high. and I asked myself,'Do I satisy with my achievement?'. I turned to the left, and looked at some photos which i pasted on my cubicle divider. a view of a blue sparkling sea, an inspiring view of mount yellow, a well blended colourful view of sky, clouds, trees and hills. I couldnt avoid myself from smiling each time I looked at the photos.

And so thats the questions of life

1 comment:

  1. all the best my dear sis..
    i know u've done great enough for the moment...
    be happy k :)